Hi Hope supporters!


We would like to thank the community for all your ongoing support, without you we will not be able to continue helping people in our community.

A proud moment for House of Hope.


We would like to congratulate our Program Director Pst. Jackie Botes on receiving her Master’s Degree in Pastoral Theology on “The role of the church in the community.” We are so proud of you.

The Hope Life’s Zoe project is taking the Goldfield’s schools by storm. The word “Zoe” means energetic life. This project focuses on empowering people, especially youth, to make healthy decisions that will lead to an energetic, purposeful life.

Over 3000 youth have been reached with awareness regarding our services which include information and screening on sexually transmitted infections, counselling for sexual abuse, pre- and post- abortion

 counselling, and substance abuse support groups. Over 550 youth were equipped with information on STI’s and the emotional and physical realities of an abortion during Life Orientation classes. Zoe invites people to access our services without fear of discrimination or judgement. It’s never too late to start making healthy decisions towards an energetic life!

Zoe is on the same premises as House of Hope 226 Stateway, Bedelia and is open during the week from 10:00 – 16:00. Please feel free to make an appointment @ 0611916552. Whatsapp also available. All our services are free and confidential.


We had a very successful meeting with our Greater Welkom Child Care Forum. We discussed the way forward in dealing with the problems in our community. Our next meeting will take place on the 11th of June, 10:00am @ 220 Stateway. If you work with children or want to get involved, you are welcome to join us,

please contact Jackie 0835664663.

Hope Support is a support and empowerment group for parents or loved ones who find themselves in difficult situations because of substance abuse, irresponsible behavior, rebellion, etc. Hope Support also provides support for addicts who were or still are addicted to illegal substances. Our Support Groups are held on Tuesdays @ 19:00, 220 Stateway, free of charge. Anyone in need of support is welcome to join us.

We currently have 7 babies in our baby house. We are in need of volunteers to assist with the day to day care of our babies, if you would like to volunteer please come see us. Any assistance will be appreciated.

Our children at our foster homes are doing well. Our children have been very busy with artwork, making jewellery, and writing poems for our auction.


24 Jan 2018

Strategic Meeting

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14 Feb 2018

Valentine's Picnic

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03 Mar 2018

Amazing Race

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Mar/Apr 2018

Fun Run

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May 2018

Hope Auction

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15 Sept 2018

Colour run for Hope.

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10 Nov 2018

Amazing Race

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